Rumors say that Sibilë is a very mysterious young woman. Wherever she goes, she creates a petite world of hers. Well, let me strip myself down and invite you to step into French Apartment, an ode meant to give a voice to the women of my lineage, and honor the odyssey of my life. home-studio, filled with all kinds of artistic expressions. And, of course, my own collection of beautiful things and pieces of clothing.
These past few years have felt like a crash course to reality. My kindergarten friend offered me to settle down in a beautiful apartment in the heart of Vilnius old town, which soon turned into a home-studio. Here, at the French Apartment, I created a cradle for a very important part of my inner healing journey - this is where the scared little version of me is allowed to play safely and the inner parent is born.
I’ve tried various mediums—painting, drawing, photography, music production, and singing. Mixing different media lets me integrate experiences in different layers of my psyche. Having very litttle academic background in art, this exhibition for me is a rebellious act of freeing the artist within. 
This semi-secret exhibition is going to take place on May 15th, if you want to get invited, send me a letter: bonjour@jovilesibile.com
Much love,
Jovilė Sibilë

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